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Stamp concrete

Decorative stamp concrete of Splendid Ltd is unique conception transforming the ordinary concrete in naturally looking stone, tree, skin, slab, granite etc. The achieved technology, performing decorative stamp concrete, gives on large freedom of actions with colors. That means that there is no color, which can’t be tint in concrete. In conjunction with that the Construction Company guarantees the quality of workmanship. The decorative stamp concrete imparts exceptionally esthetic look because of the abundant choice of colors and architecture decisions. Splendid Ltd’ decorative stamp concrete is wear resistant and hardy for superficial factors. Stamp concrete is appropriate for paths, alleys, children stages etc.
Stamp concrete - wood
Stamp concrete – wall facing
Stamp concrete – natural looking stone
Stamp concrete – alley (combined print)

Stamp concrete – paving stones
Stamp concrete – natural looking stone
Stamp concrete – cobble (Type 1)
Stamp concrete – cobble (Type 2)
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