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Civil construction - construction of residential buildings, construction of commercial buildings, construction of businesses-buildings

Construction of residential buildings
The Construction Company Splendid Ltd has exceptional rich experience in the high construction. The designed as well as the built up by the company projects are prove for this. The company regimented home buildings in Varna, Balchik, Dobrich, Sofia as well as in other large cities in the country.

Construction of businesses-buildings
In the construction of businesses-buildings the company features with rich experience. The businesses-buildings, built by Splendid Ltd up, are exceptionally comfortable for whatever type of merchant activity. The businesses-buildings, built by Splendid Ltd up, have as well another plus qualities except appliance much as: comfort, an elegance, quality of the construction, creditworthiness, lot of function, style, comfort.


Construction of commercial buildings
The company designs extremely flexible and all - purpose at treatment in intrinsic spaces at construction of commercial buildings. The exploitation of the trade rooms as well has main meaning at the engineering and the construction. Thatís why the Construction Company endeavors to enwrap chock as well the highest requirements of the client therefore. By the instrumentality of this the commercial buildings, built by the company up, turn in sequel a lot comfortable and practical for situating in them trade representations, companies for administrative servicing of the activities in the region, banks, insurance associations, chain for boarding etc.

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