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Hotels and Tourism

The Construction Company Splendid Ltd engineers and builds up hotels all over the entire bulgarian Seaside (Balchik, Bourgas, Varna, Kiten, Kranevo etc), as well in the internal areas of the country (Dobrich, Sofia).

The hotels, built by the construction company up, feature subtlety, quality of pursuance and unique design. The built up facings are lined in the hotels, built by the Construction Company, with exceptionally comfortable and functional hotel rooms pat. They to an other help a side for the well spent time to the transients in the hotel and a lot facilitate the service personnel. All that, harmonized with the nature landmarks, in the vicinity of the hotels and the multitude of attractions, make the hotels, built by Splendid Ltd up, an instrumentality for aggrandizement to the tourist stream as from the country, so from a whole world as well. This accretes special crucial role of the Construction Company in its esteems with clients, because they transform the company in one reliable partner for them in building of one of the most beautiful hotel complexes due to which the tourism develops and increases in the country.

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