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About us - construction company Splendid Ltd
Management - general manager, construction engineers, accountancy department, other departments in the construction company
Awards - prizes, charters, achievements in construction business, received by the construction company Splendid Ltd
Certificates Quality Certificates, construction standards observed from construction company Splendid Ltd
Partners - investors, partners in construction business, companies and firms operating with construction company Splendid Ltd.
News company news, new projects, participation in exhibitions, received awards
Industrial construction - warehouses, workshops, metallic constructions, manufacture buildings
Civil construction - construction of residential, commercial, business buildings, villas, houses
Hotels and Tourism - construction of hotels, hotel complexes, spa centers, villas, vacation settlements.
Multifunctional containers - containers for housing, warehouses, booths for bodyguards, containers used for construction needs
Stamped concrete - decorative stamp concrete for grounds, alleys, inner areas at hotels and restaurants
Floor and wall covers - - facility of self-leveling flooring systems, industrial floorings, finished industrial concrete.
Construction of production buildings - built up workshops, combines, factories and many other production buildings
Construction of hotels - built up hotels, hotel complexes, vacation settlements, spa centers, villas
Construction of warehouses - built up warehouses, metallic constructions, markets
Construction of commercial buildings - built up commercial centers, commercial complexes, restaurants, shops, showrooms
Construction of residential buildings - built up block of flats, houses, apartment buildings
Reconstruction - restored and reconstructed buildings from construction company Splendid Ltd
Investment projects - construction projects, which company Splendid ltd have invested in
Technical engineering personnel - construction engineers, head technicians, construction technicians, coordinators.
Production personnel - the presence of enough construction personnel due to building process
Production resources - fitment yard, a workshop for aluminous and PVC framework, automated mobile concrete manufacture
Mechanizations - the presence of construction and transport machinery in construction company Splendid Ltd
Contacts - full detailed information for telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses
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