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10.12.2007 – Splendid Ltd had received an honored statuette from the national concourse “Building of the year”2007

On 10.12.2007 in the National theatre “Ivan Vazov”, Sofia had been conducted for the sixth consecutive year the national concourse “Building of the year”, arranged by the “Stroitelstvo gradat” magazine and the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. In the competition this year took a part 59 construction projects on 12 Bulgarian cities.

Two construction projects, executed by the Construction Company “Splendid” Ltd took a part in the concourse – the remarkable: “Marina City”, situated in Balchik city and “Villa Romana”, situated in Karvuna resort, Balchik city. The winners from the competition had been chosen by the jury containing 20 specialists in a row. Splendid Ltd receive the honored statuette.

23.11.2007 – Construction Company Splendid ltd won First prize from “The national competition for roof systems”2007, arranged by “Bramac Dchsystem International”.

On 23.11.2007 have been implemented the national Bramac competition on which took a part builders from all over the country, separated in five categories: “New construction - residential buildings”; “New construction – public buildings”; “Renewing – residential buildings”; “Renewing – public buildings”; “Renewing – monuments of culture”.

During the official ceremony, which had been in “Yantra”hotel, Veliko Tarnovo, Splendid Ltd received the prestigious First prize in “Renewing – public buildings”. It had been awarded for executing the roof systems of Villa “Chaika”, part of the large construction project “Recreative center, villa “Central”, villa “Chaika”, villa “Drujba”, executed by the Construction Company Splendid ltd.

26.10.2007 – For the consecutive year Splendid Ltd have been awarded by the Bulgarian construction chamber for “Best practice in construction business”, and it have been celebrated with a big party.

The awards of The Bulgarian construction chamber are promoted on the The constructor day traditionally – 26 October, St. Demeter’s day and for the first time was given statuette with the famous “Omurtag’s Column”. In the competition took a part chamber’s members only, separated in two categories – “Large enterprises” and “Middle enterprises”. The construction company Splendid Ltd has been awarded with a bronze prize for its activity on the “Large enterprises” category 2006.

Because of the award and the Constructor’s Day, Mr. Andreev, the general manager of Splendid Ltd set a party in one of the remarkable construction projects on the North Black sea coast – “Marina city”, Balchik.

24.04.2007 – 27.04.2007 – Performance on innovative flooring systems Degussa, Germany
Splendid Ltd has been invited to take a part on practical training bounded with usage and laying of innovative flooring systems Degussa, Germany. The flooring systems Degadur are laboratory tested and responds to all of the European standards. These type floorings systems are distinguished from other with such qualities as speed solidify and permit fitting quickly. Construction Company Splendid Ltd. had granted the invitation of its German partners and attended the practical training. The newest engineerings for putting such type of products, together with technical presentation had being showed demonstratively.

27.02.2007 – “The Factor Investments & Rewards” national conference
Splendid Ltd took a part in “The Factor Investments & Rewards” national conference, arranged by “The Bulgarian Business Network”. The conference had conducted on 27.02.07 in “Central Forum” hotel, Sofia.
The main subjects of discussion with presentations were connected with following: “What are the planned changes in business during 2007”; “The E.U. challenges in front of the domestic business”; “How to form and hold the motivated personnel back”; “Effective HR decisions and forming the rewards on small and medium Bulgarian companies”.
During the conference had been discussed priority subjects for the Construction Company. There had been exchanged experience and information between the participator companies during the conducted discussions. The result of all activities was one very interesting and useful dialogue. Although the participator companies are working in various economic branches, their problems connected with the main conference subject turned out to be the same. The measures and decisions which every company launched separately on resolving of these problems turned out to be very interesting and much useful as for all the participants, for Splendid Ltd as well.

22.02.2007 – 25.02.2007 – Splendid ltd had visited the international specialized construction exhibition INFACOMA.
In the period 22.02.07 – 27.02.07 had conducted the international specialized construction exhibition INFACOMA. It had been located in HELEXPO Center in Thessaloniki, Greece. Representatives of the company have visited the exhibition. The Construction Company showed huge interest in water reducing plasticizer concrete admixtures; liquid applied polyurethane waterproofing membrane; paints for walls and ceilings; thermo panels; stainless steel posts; total inox facade solutions; stainless steel fabrications; metal plank for scaffolds; insulating panels with a high isothermal coefficient; integrated prefabrication systems; rock and thermo roofs; constructional polyurethane panels for dry construction; decorative stamp concrete for floors and walls systems. The participator companies had been from Greece mainly. There had been representatives from Turkey, Italy and Bulgaria also.

11.12.2006 – Belgian companies take a special interest in Splendid Ltd
On 11 – 14.12.2006 in “Kempinski Hotel Zografski”, in Sofia city was conducted a meeting with leading Belgian companies titled “Economic mission under the patronage of the crown prince of Belgian kingdom”. Splendid Ltd had been invited to participate on this event due to the interest, shown from leading Belgian companies. There had been pursued some appointments between the general manager of the company, Mr. Yordan Andreev, and representatives of leading Belgian companies, such as CFE and Besix. Due to the great interest shown there had been made some arrangements for local meetings, which are expecting to be on the beginning of 2007. The president of Bulgaria, Mr. Georgi Parvanov and Minister of Economic and Energy, Mr. Rumen Ovcharov had been at the occasion. From the Belgium side there had been His Hines Crown Prince of Belgium, Prince Philip and Belgian ministers.

4.11.2006 – Splendid Ltd wins on paintball tournament
Splendid Ltd took a part on paintball tournament named “3 Man Paintball series Sofia 2006”. Neither the cold weather nor temperatures bellow frightened the 22 teams, which made their participation in advance. Four teams with the best scores after the preliminary games had reached out the semifinals. It was sponsored by Splendid Ltd team– “Legion”, and some other teams claimants for the cup: “Rebels 1”, “B – 231” and “Victory”. By the order of ranking there had been formed the semifinal couples – “Legion” – “B 231” and “Rebels 1” – “Victory”. “Victory” and “B 231” had reached out the final after the last game. Sponsored team by Splendid Ltd “Legion” won the fourth place and narrowly got away with the bronze medal. Although the team proves for the consecutive time that it is well-deserved adversary for the best national level teams.
The “Legion” has an experience in such type of tournament, because of the winning of honored fourth place on the second time leaded “National tournament for the cup of Paintball Mania”, conducted in Sofia on 09.09.2006.
Second National tournament for the cup of Paintball Mania 09.09.2006

31.10-3.11.2006 – Participation on Real Estate & Investment forum RINFOR
Splendid Ltd took a part on the Real Estate & Investment forum RINFOR, which had been conducted between 31 October and 3 November in “Sheraton” hotel for the tenth time in a row. During the forum took a place the biggest periodical meeting of investors, contractors, financiers and consultants on the Balkan Peninsula, focused on investing on real estates and tourism. The conference elapsed under the slogan “Real projects, real partners, real opportunities”.
The company took a special interest on discussions, connected directly with the company activities. The Construction Company took an interest also on moderators of the corresponded panel discussions, specialized in different fields, working for one the most famous and large investing, financing and consulting enterprises. The company shows interest in discussions relevant to investments in residences and business properties, questions referring to building up warehouse areas, directions of the new office areas – in the city centers or the suburbs; new technologies and Internet presentation.

26.10.2006 – Splendid Ltd won a prize for „Best practice in construction business” 2005 on “Large enterprises” category of Bulgarian Construction Chamber
On 26 October 2006 in 19.00h, in “Sofia” hall, “Kempinski Hotel Zografski” in Sofia, on gala celebrating of “The constructor day” had been bestowed the prizes from the “Top 50+” rank for “The best practice in construction business”. Splendid Ltd wins a bronze prize in “The best practice in construction business” for 2005 on “Big companies” category. The general manager of the company, Mr. Andreev had been on the event. The chairman of the Bulgarian construction chamber – eng. Simeon Pashov had bestowed the certificate personally.
The subsequent prize, received by Splendid Ltd proves that it is a reliable partner who approaches with exceptional earnest to entrusted building projects. That means, at the other hand, that the construction company disposes with the necessary specialists, experience, technical equipment and skills for fast and high – graded realization in all taken initiatives.The fact that over 70 construction companies of the national ranking-ream of 50 + that are classified in three classes of huge, average and little enterprises took engagement for this year is rhetorical as well enough. They are priced by standards as: fiscal indices, the handiness of skilled personnel, durable material assets, number of the accomplished projects, certificate of ISO, the received prizes of international and national rankings.

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