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Splendid Ltd is operating with companies from various economic branches and specialized in different working areas. Cooperating process between the Construction Company and various contractors, clients, investors and business partners is extremely dynamic.
It is enriched additionally by the experience, quality of work and qualification of every onå of corporate bodies. Splendid Ltd depends on its own well-founded technical equipment, potential skills and well provisions entirely, due to which succeeds to accomplish every assigned project.
"Siemens" AG
„EL Stomana” Ltd
“Zornitza” JSC
“Happy Lady” Ltd
“Miss Vanina” PC
“Bultrade” PLC
“Albena” JSC
“Balkanpharma” JSC
Institute for refrigeratory and air condition techniques” JSC
“Helios - BG”Ltd
"“Beverly - 69” JSC
“Uniliver Bulgaria” PLC
“Stima - SV” PC
“Trill tower” PLC
“Euratek” Ltd
“Cortex” PLC
“Evrostroy” Ltd
“Izvora” Ltd
“Building masters” Ltd
“Pato” PLC
“Metal Agro” JSC
“Steven Dainty - Bg” PLC
“Holliday club villa “Romana” JSC
“B R Management” Ltd
“IF Favorit” JSC
“Zornitza - commerce” JSC
“Expirian” PLC
“Malvis” Ltd
"Effect 3" Ltd
“Electric” PLC

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