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Projects under construction
Splendid Ltd has plenty of completed construction projects as all over the Bulgarian Seaside in different cities in Bulgaria and Europe as well. Proof for that are manufacture, commercial and house living projects, hotels and hotel complexes, warehouses and store halls, as well as the renewing buildings. All that activities are due to well-founded technical equipment of the Construction Company, potential skills and well provisions entirely, as well as the quality of execution and accomplished projects.

Holiday village “Albena Hills 2”

Location: Rogachevo village
Investor: “Story Invest Service” Ltd., Sofia
Total area: 3 798 sq. m.
Contract: 14 January 2009
Dead line: 2009

Block of flats

Location: Dobrich city
Investor: “HM - Tomy” Ltd., Dobrich
Total area: 3 520sq. m.
Contract: 03 December 2008
Dead line: May 2009

Trade and residential complex

Location: Aksakovo city
Investor: “Dimov Comapny” Ltd., Sofia
Total area: 1 631 sq. m.
Contract: 14 November 2008
Dead line: December 2009

Trade and residential complex

Location:Dobrich city
Total area: 4 944sq. m..
Dead line:March 2010

Housing estate "Green Village"

Location:Dobrich city
Investor: “City tour”Ltd
Total area:16 928,58sq. m..
Contract:12 September 2008
Dead line:first stage till January 2010

Green Village Green Village
Green Village

Block of flats

Location: Dobrich city
Investor: "Splendid – properties solutions" Ltd..
Total area: 1 161 sq. m
Contract: 25 April 2008
Dead line: May 2009


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